Y O S E M I T E // part 1

alright, i decided to break my trip up into two posts. all these photos are from my instagram feed so if you follow me there you've already seen these :) my next post will include more words and thoughts on the trip and of course more photos.
cathy and marianne in front of an abandoned cabin // shane exploring //me by the river // the wawona hotel
view from cabin window // marianne // massive tree trunk // leaf
historic 2 story cabin built in 1879 // view through window //alex // me and the 3 youngest

♥ anne


  1. Looks so beautiful, ancient, sweet. I need a vacation. Even for a day...

  2. The memory of summer heat is so strong for me looking at these pics. How can your kids be growing so fast Anne?
    It's Teeny, but you know my blog is down for now. :(

  3. love these Anne! can't wait to see more, looks sooo beautiful there.

  4. I was just in Yosemite too! So beautiful! The water was down a bit, but still breath taking. Such lovely photos!


  5. I'm headed down that way in just 13 days. These images make me feel even more impatient. Yay for beautiful places to explore and get away too.

  6. yes! i love yosemite. my parents honeymooned there. this looks fantastic!

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