summer sandal situation


it's official, i need new sandals. yes, this is breaking news! SO important i just had to tell you ;) i actually feel pretty lame even writing about this but i figured i might as well keep with my theme of never talking about anything of real importance. i've pondered recently why this is the case and have come to a couple conclusions. 1- i rarely have enough quiet time to write. this bums me out so i'm going to attempt to make some. i have lots of things i'd like to write about. for example natural family planning, some great quotes that have left me in deep thought, prayer... 2- i think know i have some fears about opening up here especially when it comes to my spiritual life. i know i don't have to share all aspects of my life but i'd like to be slightly more open. bla bla bla anyway, back to my sandals. as you can see all three are in bad condition. the pair on the left finally gave out in yosemite :( and my cydwok's have had a hole in them for at least a year. the rainbows are still super comfortable but are looking pretty ugly so i don't wear them in public if i can avoid it :) ok, now you are up to date on this dire situation! good thing my birthday is coming up. i was going to do a birthday wish list post but the things i need/want aren't very exciting. i don't think you'd care to see a photo of a vacuum or some organizing racks, which are two items i really need. and speaking of organizing, i'm on a roll lately! i'm reading this amazing book yet again and really applying the techniques. it's exciting and motivating and making my life much better. i can't recommend the book enough! it was written in the 80's but is still right on for today.

"The less you have, the less you have to take care of." yes! 

at this point you may be glad i never write much! hahaha so i will stop for now. 

♥ anne


  1. First off, yes you do need new sandals. Because you live in freaking So Cal and they're the only acceptable form of shoe in this hot season! Also, you know I would pee my pants with excitement if you wrote about natural family planning (or FAM in my circles), because MORE WOMEN NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT, or organizing, or you know what ;)

    In regards to the latter, as you may know, I'm quite the outspoken loudmouth and have pretty much NEVER received a negative comment. As in like mean. On the other hand, I've received amazing, varied, fascinating comments a plenty and some of them even in disagreement with my views. I think one of those was from you and it made me thousand tons happier than all the lovely people who agreed with me. You may remember said comment. So have faith in people until proven otherwise.


  2. you have the most lovely taste in sandals! i would have worn each of these until they died too :) i hope you get the most perfect new pair.

    and my two cents, i'd LOVE to hear more about your spiritual life, inspirations, and any wise subject you come up with. it was soooo fascinating to hear about your raw food journey for example. i also love when you just ramble a bit :) hope you are having the best day for shane's birthday!

  3. I totally get fear of opening up. But really, I think it's time that gets in the way. It's hard to sit down, empty out your head in a well thought, meaningful way, ON TOP of spellcheck and grammar duties and all that, when you have a house full of kids pulling on your every move. And really, at the end of the night, I want to sit with a book, or a movie and let my brain unwind, not come here and force something when I'm exhausted. It's why I think i"ve been hesitant to keep up my blog like I use to. I feel guilty for not responding to comments and I feel guilty if I don't put effort into my prose. So, I totally get sandal posts and such :) And besides, it's fun to have fun with a blog too. I'm never bored on your site.

    As for shoes, there are so many pretty versions out there now. I can't wait to see what you pick!

  4. this post lets a bit of the inner you through in a way that makes me want to know more. i am excited to meet you and get to know you more, swap partner! :) i'd love to compare notes on natural family planning, for example. something i have also thought i should write more about, but haven't found the words or the courage or whatever it is i'm lacking. good to know someone else is thinking the same thing. :)

  5. I know that life can be so full and crazy and wild and wonderful but when a moment of calm descends, I'm particularly interested in our thoughts on natural family planning. I'm not but I'm pretty curious about it.


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