happy easter! i hope you all had wonderful weekend! we enjoyed our sunday with family, yummy food, great music and lots of fun. i didn't take many pictures but here are a few that i snapped during the festivities.
starting from the top

--an Easter card i painted for my sister
--pretty colors
--the coolest book ever! and yes, we are practicing (and laughing quite a bit). with each step/dance it gives song recommendations so we've been having fun attempting the steps while listening to the songs. of course ruben can only handle very little disco so our dance sessions are brief :D
--my mom and sleeping marianne
--me in my new dress in my dad's lovely backyard

that's all for now folks! i wish i had time to write something more but that rarely seems to be the case. oh well!



  1. Happy Spring, dear heart! These pictures are utterly transporting. How they make me wish for about a thousand and oneth time that I could be right there with you, sipping drinks and disco dancing to my heart's content. Have the best time! It seems like ya'll already are. Love.

  2. oh and I bet that the card made your sister so so happy!

  3. let's start from the BOTTOM and THAT DRESS. wow! the two of your were made for each other. and it must be the same with ruben, for you've got yourself a good man who will learn disco with you. (btw, i request a disco lesson when all us girls get together). big heart swell for marianne and your artwork, as always, is INSPIRING. xo

    1. here here on the disco lessons!

    2. we can make it a goal for 2013! disco dancin' sistas!

  4. love each of your photos - especially your mom and M. So sweet. And hey, be sure and ask the disco king for some tips next time you see him. He'd LOVE it ;)

    Happy Easter!

    1. hahaha! we totally laughed about the disco king when we were learning the steps! unfortunately, i doubt he'll show us his moves. maybe if we get him drunk he'll dance for us?

  5. that dress anne! looks amazing.....glad you had a great easter. i'll just assume that you will be posting a video of your new dance moves?? haha

  6. Anne! I had no idea you are quite the artist! You've been hiding those skills lady. oh yeah, i second Shannon's request for a video please...can you arrange for a disco ball too and smoke machine?! Awesome. Beautiful dress on a beautiful girl x

  7. Beautiful, that sweet little sleeping face is just perfect. Glad you guys had a good Easter!

    xox Lilly

  8. What a happy easter have you have! Nice pics!


  9. your drawing/design skills are killing me! you have such a lovely knack. you should be marketing your cards :)

    everything about this post is pure delight. your DRESS, marianne's darling sleeping face, your gorgeous table spread, the idea of these dance moves. thanks for the springy cheer!!!

  10. So I'm about a year behind... but life sort of got in the way. I've just begun my catch up on blog land this week, and yours is one of the first. That's what happens when your blog name is at the beginning of the alphabet! ;) Such a bright positive post to begin on. We've had such a late spring this year and the border on that dress only makes me miss my summer dresses even more. Your table display is just perfection too! I'll keep going on to your newer posts and wish you another just so lovely spring and summer 2014.


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