birds and monkeys

on tuesday we visited the santa ana zoo. it's a small zoo with mostly birds and monkeys and a few other animals. as cool as it was to see the eagle up close i couldn't help but feel really sad that it was caged up. at least all the other birds had a large area to live in that gave them room to fly but that poor eagle could only sit there on a branch :( anyway, besides getting depressed over the eagle it was a fun day. we've been going on outings most days because my daughter is on spring break. thankfully the weather has been nice, sunny and warm and reminding me of summer which will be here before we know it! yay!



  1. I love the last two photos especially!
    I had a similar reaction when I visited a zoo in my hometown this past Winter. I too felt especially sad about the eagle. Perhaps, because I live where I see eagles daily this time of year and to think of one so cooped up just breaks me heart.

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    2. Fancy seeing you here Eleanor, was what I was gonna say!

  2. I always feel that way when I go to the zoo. Although at the Kansas City Zoo they started letting the wallabys roam free and you can even pet them. LOVE IT!

    The Nautical Owl

  3. I've taken my niece to the SA zoo several times & the eagle is always a depressing sight to see! I think the eagle's symbolic resonance makes it even harder to witness. Cool pics! Love the last one of your daughter strutting her stuff.

  4. Hi Anne, I am new to your blog - its lovely. Oh the rubber stamps!!

  5. These images are so beautiful, yet zoos make me so sad. Ever since I was a little girl, I've instinctively not wanted to be anywhere where animals don't have access to a natural habitat and behavior. I even struggle with this with farm animals here that have a pretty natural life.

    Our relationship with animals is one of the most troubling things about our culture and I think about it a lot. One of the good things about zoos is that they make us ponder these things.

    I think Crystal Lee is right, seeing an eagle, a creature with powerful wings and symbolic connotations hoisted on him, makes it even more poignant.

    Marianne is always my favorite, what a little gem ;)

  6. Hey Anne, I have to agree, it can be hard to see those animals in cages. I always feel sombre for the primates. It's always a happy occasion to go to the zoo, and then i'm confronted with the reality and feel very guilty for them. I like your photos though, and the way animals in the wild are going, at least the zoo provides those ones there a home free from poaching eh. WOW how much is your oldest daughter looking like you now! So much! Gorgeous. xo
    ps. not judging you on your zoo visit, just trying to say, i get it, i take my kids there too and then feel stink about it.


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