what i wore

ok, so this isn't the most exciting outfit but i am wearing many of my favorites- my favorite sweater, my favorite jeans, my favorite earings and necklaces...and heck i'm even wearing some fun sandals and socks! yeah, you heard right. sandals and socks!
 sweater, belt, sandals- thrifted
tank- target
jeans- forever 21

sweater-gift from my friend rita

marianne was wearing a cute little vintage dress too! and i saw something way more exciting than clothes, an owl! i've seen him/her flying at dusk but on this particular morning he was perched on a stick. it's a bad photo (i only had my phone) but i had to share it anyway. i believe it is a barn owl and i was SO thrilled that i got to watch it for a while.
there are lots of birds by my house because of the nature preserve. i love watching them and hope to be able to identify more of them as time goes on. and i couldn't resist posting that awesome picture of me talking while my daughter was snapping pics of my sweet outfit  ;D hahaha! you just can't beat an awful outtake! 

i also wanted to thank everyone for commenting on my last post. especially those new to commenting here! i know there are people that read and never comment and that's totally fine but just so you silent readers know, i love hearing your thoughts and would be delighted to get to know you if you are interested :D

til next time,


  1. Your outtake is sweet! and funny. Love your jeans Anne, and i see why that is your favourite sweater too. Kids and cameras eh. What are the tall straight trees?

  2. Hey look, as I was crafting a way too long comment on your tv post you did an outfit post! A cute outfit at that, and how lucky to have an owl sighting like that, SO COOL, they are such magical creatures. Marianne in her little dress is like the cherry on top of this whole post :)

  3. Owls are my favorite animal, duh :) I Love love love love those jeans. I want some high waisted jeans some day


  4. cute and cute! Especially your lil bebe on a tree stump :D We have that white owl that flies around our house at night. I've never seen it perched or I'd snap a shot too. Nice capture.

  5. Well Cheers to having favorites and I love all your favorites, they look stylish and comfy ...and your daughter is sooooo cute!! love her little mocs I just got a new pair the other day and they look very similar. And the owl I love that picture....I love owls I have a big one on my right shoulder one of my many bird tattoos. We have owls around our place here in southern california but I have never seen one when it was still light out, only at night. So I am ooohing and awwwwing your picture ~Love Heather

  6. i love that your everyday uniform is also a super rad outfit. you rock those jeans like nobody's business. for that matter, i would wear marianne's outfit too...look at those mocassin booties! aw, i miss you girls.

    and that 'omg' photo might just be my favorite of you ever. that owl is amazing...believe it or not, i've only ever heard them, or seen them fly past my headlights, or in wildlife rescue cages...but never out and about! lucky you and how auspicious for the new year!

  7. Are you sure I gave you that sweater Annie? Hmmm can't remember for the life of me!

  8. Oh I love this outfit! Girl, your everyday is so well dressed. I was also stoked that I spied a little charm I sent you too. Your outtake hs adorbs and you are so blessed to have this little messenger, wisdom bringer, waker upper come so close. They must have been drawn to you girls something fierce.

  9. I love your outfit and style! Your sweater looks so comfy. Your daughter is adorable too! I think that is totally awesome you saw an owl! We live in a pretty private place we have no neighbors and are surrounded by fields behind and to the side of us, we see hawks and falcons, often along with many other birds. I've heard an owl many times but have yet to see him! You are lucky you got to capture him in an outtake, and see him in the moment :)


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