see ya later 2012

so 2012 has come and gone and frankly i am very happy about that! although there were some definite highlights this past year, overall it stunk big time. so, needless to say i am looking forward to a new year, a better attitude, new ventures in food, spiritual growth, and much more. i have a feeling i won't be let down this year!

i made this macrame plant hanger the other day with the help of my daughter. it was definitely a two woman job! the name of the pattern is "goliath" which is very fitting considering it's massive size. i also made some other fun stuff over the holidays which i will share once i get my camera back.
have a great weekend and cheers to 2013 friends!



  1. Looks awesome, Anne!

    This year sucked in a lot of ways, but there were glorious moments as well.
    Kinda encouraging to see I am not the only one. Lucky 13?

  2. Happy New Year Fabulous Anne! That is one fantastic pose lady. You look like you are having some sorta dance with your macrame...soft shoe scuffle? Lovin your hat too. Look forward as always to reading more. love to the fams xoxo

  3. Look at you! Hawt. Is your hair always that dark looking? I thought you dyed it at first, but now I'm not so sure...

    I really admire your macrame skills; it's something I'd love to get into.


  4. that is some beautiful macrame work, there.... the two of you did a great job!!! :) it is beautiful... this is a great pic of you and love the whole outfit!!!! thank you for the new year wishes on my blog!!!!.... :) hope it is awesome 2013 for you and yours!!! love, j

  5. Holy Smokes Girl! I can't believe it! Happy New Year Beautiful! Exclamation!

  6. What a beautiful design! I would have no idea where to start... and I'm with you on the good riddance to 2012!

    Happy New Year!

  7. whoa, you made that?! what a feat!

    all the best to you and yours in 2013!


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