saturday we headed out to san jaun capistrano to stay with our friends in their new, super cool trailer. it was beautiful and cold and lots of fun!
had to get some jump shots nicky!
i still don't have my camera back (i left it at my aunt and uncle's on christmas) but as soon as i get it i will do a late christmas post :D

hoping for the best from 2013! 



  1. oh my goodness marianne in her little pigtails! these photos are pure refreshing new year inspiration. i have to google san juan capistrano, i know the name but i can't remember where exactly it is....desert? or ocean? both? it looks stunningly beautiful there. glad you guys got a getaway.

  2. hey, there's your beautiful face! i've been missing you and your posts. i hope you had a beautiful xmas. we were down in socal, but it was too crazy of a trip to think about calling you. here's to hoping we meet up again in 2013. xoxoxo

  3. Holy moly, loving these photos. The double rainbow tickles me heart.

    I strung up some pinecones, "Anne-style" as I call them, in my bedroom. They make the space much more comfortable. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Happy spin 'round the sun!


  4. Happy New Year! I'm sure it holds so much more of this kind of magical life: double rainbows, smiley kiddos, pigtails and stunning vistas, the big and the little...
    ps. that jumping off shot made me smile. reminds me off another similar shot ;)

  5. looks like a fun time, anne. :) i hope that you and your family are having a happy new year.... :)

  6. Hey Anne, little Marianne is growing up so fast! We just got back from holiday with our kids, I think at least some of the time we're always talking about doing the same trip in the future without them......you know....so we can go on the "full" farm walk, and not finish early when they get too whiney.....or do the "full" kayak tour instead of the one catered to small arms - but all in all, the kids make the holiday. I can see in these photos that the same can be said for yours - a holiday without em wouldn't be the same. xo

  7. love dem jump shots! And the double rainbow!!! :D

  8. Love these photos! I want to see photos of your friend's trailer. I'm kind of obsessed with trailers right now. It sure looks like you and your family have a fun time together. Happy New Year, lady. I think 2013 will be exceptional! xo.

    1. It's Vanessa's trailer! Those are her girls in the pics with my kids :)


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