the end...

of summer, that is. labor day evening we headed down to the beach to watch the sunset. it was beautiful and the perfect ending to a wonderful summer. and summer is officially over. school has started and even though it is still hot out you can feel fall a comin'. and that is alright with me. 
i wore one of my new favorite skirts from missa which is getting lots of use! 

that's all for now folks! ruben and i are off today for a desert day trip. are you doing anything fun this weekend?



  1. Hello Anne! That skirt is gorgeous on you, I love it! We're planning on going out to the beach later today...it is sunny today but still blowing a gale wind, so it will be jackets and blowy hair for us. Your little M is growing up man! x

  2. anne, the pictures are great. that sunset is georgeous. i have never been to the beach, i would love to go one day and it would be so great when the weather is nice and cooler. i think it would be so fun to walk along the beach and look at shells, watch the beautiful sunsets and scenery and yeah... feel the sand beneath my feet.:) i know that you and your family must enjoy it so much... :) one year, i will go. :) i hope your weekend is going great. i went to one of my nephew's birthday parties today and had a wonderful, fun day. today the weather was so nice! i agree with you, today it actually felt like autumn here. :) fall is my very favorite time of the year and i am so ready!!

  3. Oh, I'm so glad you're liking the skirt! Don't you just love how SOFT it is?! It's gorgeous on you, just like I knew it would be :)

  4. love that skirt on you! and those beach shots are dreamy. I miss it . . .


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