how to open a young coconut

my mom and i recently took a raw desert class where we learned, among others things, how to open a young coconut.

1. purchase a couple young coconuts :) haha kinda a no brainer, right?! 
2. start shaving off the husk moving up toward the tip. go around the whole top until you start to   see the darker part of the shell.
3. use the heavier part of a knife to pound into the top at a 45 degree angle. keep whacking away all the way around until the shell cracks.
4. pry open the top.
5. pour out the coconut water and drink it if you'd like.
6. scoop out all the coconut meat. it's ok to leave the soft brown part on the meat, you just want to make sure to get any hard, tough pieces of shell off.

how to store- i load a mason jar with the meat and fill it with the coconut water until it's covered.

i use the water in smoothies or to drink plain. with the meat i've made raw coconut ice cream, added it to smoothies and have cut it up to eat with morning nuts, berries and groats. i know there are tons of recipes out there and i look forward to trying some of them out!

i also wanted to mention that my talented friend diana started a vegan food blog called Flip Flops and Avocados, check it out here. i've already made one of the recipes and it was fantastic!



  1. I love drinking the fresh coconut water straight from it! & homemade cocounut ice cream sounds yum.

  2. coconut might just be my favorite food!!! darin and i love eating fresh coconut but we don't do it often enough. i am going now to check out diana's blog...new vegan recipes sounds like a very good idea!

  3. mmm, i love me some young coconut. i love this tutorial because i usually end up smashing the living cr*p out of it with a dull knife. also, i'm distracted by what looks like sparkly black nail polish. did someone get a manicure?

    1. Haha! I do my manicures meself! I was going for a outer space look :)

  4. Awesome!! I can't help but think back to our honey moon in Hawaii where Erick completely jacked up a knife in our condo trying to crack one of these puppies open. It was way harder than we expected, fresh off the tree. I haven't tried it again since then... but maybe it's time??! haha


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