kombucha for you, kombucha for me

lots of fun things have been going on my kitchen lately. i'm making my first batch of kombucha! take a look at that baby! pretty gross looking right?! my friend kelly gave it to me and our friend emily said jokingly that it looks like a placenta. hahaha! we thought that was very true and funny! slightly disturbing but funny! i can't wait to taste it. i'm planning on experimenting with adding different fruit juices/purees to try and make it taste like GT's kombucha. anyone have any advice??

i also got a huge box of beets. so as soon as my raw milk is done separating and i have some whey i will be making beet kvass for the first time. i've never tasted it so it should be interesting. i remember mary did a post on it but i couldn't find it :(
 i've been juicing a lot and making my daily green smoothies as usual. i've also tried out some fun raw recipes. the other day i made what i call a raw strawberry shortcake. the crust was pumpkin seeds and almonds with coconut oil and a couple dates. then i cut up strawberries and on top i made a cashew whipped cream. it was really good!
 i got two huge boxes of organic tomatoes from the sisters so i made a simple marinara sauce. tomorrow i will be using it to make lasagna with the homemade ricotta cheese which was also given to us by the sisters. they are too generous i tell you!
don't let this post fool you into thinking that we eat super good all the time over here. i assure we have our share of pizza, del taco, way too much coffee and the occasional soda for the kids, BUT i am trying. and as long as i'm working toward a better diet for us all i am happy. i think the children know what is good for their bodies and what is not (they have to hear about it all time). hopefully i've given them enough knowledge so that when they are out in the world on their own they will make smart decisions about what they eat. i try to stress how much food affects you both mentally and physically. when you eat crap, you feel like crap. sometimes you have to quit eating it though before you realize how crappy you have actually been feeling without knowing it. for example, i have quit drinking coffee for months at a time over the last ten years. i KNOW i feel better without it, but i just love the ritual of making it, smelling it and drinking it in the morning. i honestly feel like it's a gift from God many days. it surely gets me outta bed in the morning! i don't plan on quitting again any time soon, but i could definitely cut back to one cup :D
since i am on the topic of food, if you live in california make sure to check out this site and this site and learn why it's imperative to vote YES on prop 37!


p.s.- i can't get enough of this song by little feat. do please take a listen here.


  1. what yumminess. Inspired now to make that raw strawberry cake, sounds gorgeous. Greta work Anne : ) and oh so lovely to be gifted all that summer goodness. xx

  2. cool Anne! I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes. I had no idea that kombucha could be flavoured!!!!! And yeah, raw food, i need to work on that. Got to get me a book. i empathise with you about teaching children how crap so called "food" can be, my big no-no for mine is preservative/chemical laden "food"; at what point am I going to give them a complex about it I wonder? Do you ever consider that, or am i just being paranoid.

  3. wheee! this post is making me long for cooking so bad. It's harvest season and we've been eating somewhat terrible. so sad. whenever my workload gets too big our diet goes down the tubes. beet kvass is so yummy-you'll love it. try Mary's lacto-fermented ketchup too ;) good job on feeding your fan well.

  4. beet kvaas for you! http://terrallectualism.wordpress.com/2012/08/03/the-2nd-annual-bioregional-swap/

    my housemate has been doing the 'booch too. we were wondering about that special GT flavor and figured out that it's...sugar. As in a lot. But we've come to prefer the less sweet and slightly fruity taste of just booch and juice. now i can't drink GT at all!

    and i didn't notice how gross the mushroom was, because your cute face kept getting in the way. :)

  5. wait. what happened? that's the wrong link. oops.

    here it is.

  6. I made that strawberry shortcake but didn't have cashews so made it with dates almonds and walnuts with vanilla ....sooo yummy!

  7. SO COOL that you are making this on your own. I wanna try it!

  8. Kombucha for you, Kombucha for me, Mit Fleisan, Mit Fleisan......ahhhhAAHHHHHaaahhhhhhh- hahahah

    Ok, I just wrote a whole comment and it got flushed.... so let me try and remember! You are looking fresh and adorable with your hair up and that placenta! ;) It looked way gnarlier in the jar of juice! But.... sounds like a pretty amazing drink. I love all the fun energy in this post, good vibes all around, wonderful food making and growing sisters, your raw goodies (I still haven't tried any!) and the GMO ballot! I have a lady who sends me news letters all the time and is encouraging this in a big way! I'm ALL for it!
    My girls get "pissed" about all the natural/healthy stuff, but I know they'll look back and appreciate it! :D hasta

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