here and now

:: i am currently reading an amazing book called Captivating Unveiling The Mystery of A Woman's Soul. it's really good so far.

:: getting excited to taste the beet kvass. i used golden beets which i'm assuming won't make a difference. it should be ready tomorrow.

:: i'm so happy my fern is coming back to life. i thought for sure that i had killed it.

:: adorable ceramic trio and succulent given to me by missa.

:: relieved that noel found her way home after being gone for a whole day.

we had a fun day on saturday listening to good music with friends at mother's. check out jessica's post of the day here!



  1. Hey lady! Sometimes these kinds of posts are the best, it is like we're taking a little journey through the nice things in your day. You've reminded me I need to go to the library. xo

  2. anne, these are lovely pictures of an insight into your little world. :) the book sounds very interesting. yay, for your fern for hanging in there! :) i like houseplants, too. the ceramics are pretty. i like to collect ceramics and pottery, as well. the earth tones are so lovely..noel is a very beautiful cat. we have a cat, that i found as a tiny baby and i hand raised her, through that small stage. she is 12 weeks now and growing like a weed. :) she was so frail and tiny, but made it through. we are so thankful to have her as a part of our little family. her name is Thea. we also have 2 chihuahuas.. tiny and trixie. they are our "babies". :) LOL. enjoy the rest of your book! janet Magnolia Wind.... raindropsaresweet.blogspot.com

  3. mmm, tucking that book title in my brain for future reference and LOVE the little owlet vase. pics of your home/life always have an afternoon sunshine goodness to them.

    i made kvass with chioga beets, and funnily it didn't seem to have as much oomph. but, like you, i wouldn't think it would make a diff. excited to hear how the golden turns out! my friend just lent me katz's new book...art of fermentation...and i'm ready to get my culture on. i'll pass along any good recipes!

  4. your photos always have the perfect balance of delicate and gritty. i love the light on noel and the guitar case. cats make everything beautiful, but we all know i'm a crazy cat lady. thanks for this timeless glimpse.

  5. wow girl! awesome shots! I'm excited to hear how your kvass turns out. I got the morning off tomorrow and am planning to do some sweet fermenting myself. Inspired by you.

  6. Such lovely shots Anne! The picture of Noel on the guitar case is SO GOOD. I'm glad to hear she found her way home :)

    Our cat was just away for two days and we're so glad he's back after a mix up with another missing cat a couple of streets away. He looked like this other cat so someone from the street behind ours brought him to the home of the missing cat another street away and then left him there. Luckily the person updated one of her posters, which our neighbor saw, to say that her cat was not the one with the gray on his head, which tipped us off that she'd seen OUR CAT!

    I called her to find that she'd let him go in her backyard yesterday. Luckily he stayed around her house and she called me back when he turned up again tonight.

    Going collar shopping tomorrow!


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