IMG_6475 IMG_6423 IMG_6201 IMG_6221 IMG_6482 IMG_6481 above are some recent snapshots from my camera.  just your everyday kinda pictures. especially the last two! oh shane and alex, my two middle children! can you see the pure enthusiasm on his face at the fact that he upset her while she was playing the recorder? and let's not forget that look of sheer annoyance! yep, definitely everyday life!



  1. oh my gosh, these are all so sweet - but the one of Alex at the bottom is my favorite. A look we are all so familiar with in our own houses :/

    And the flag is awesome too!

  2. Looks like you have some pretty epic kids. I love the older little lady's long hair just like yours :) And I really dig your hang in pot fern, its gorgeous :) Cheers to you and your family!

  3. Haha, her expression. Your kids are great, must be their awesome mama :)

  4. Adorable-jeez, these guys are the cutest.

  5. hahahha cute pictures...reminds me of the faces I see everyday with my kids as well :P great shots love what you captured they may be everyday but it looks like your everyday is pretty blessed with a beautiful family ~Love Heather

  6. Those last two are PRICEless!!! :D Oh, Shane!!!


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