macrame plant hanger

in my last post i spoke of my macrame score at the rummage sale. i got two huge rolls of two different ropes, about 15 vintage macrame books and several metal rings for a VERY reasonable price! as much as i've wanted to learn to macrame over the last few years, i honestly never imagined i'd love it this much! i'm seriously addicted! above is the second plant hanger i've made (there are three so far. last night i made one with a piece of driftwood. it looks really cool.) i'm very pleased with how it turned out and super excited to start another one. out of the myriad crafts i have dappled with over the years, this one is by far my favorite!



  1. so funny...i was at our creative re-use store yesterday, and there were all these macrame how to books, for like a dime each. i almost got them. now i think i'll have to go back! i'm in awe that you just whipped out that plant hanger...so awesome.

    also in the awesome department are THOSE PANTS. i have been looking for pants like that! 70s dream! xo

  2. Sooo much I LOVE about this post! The photo has a classic 70s vibe and really digging it man, the only thing missing is your gorgeous smile. aaanndd.. the macrame you are creating is perfect! be so proud of yourself, you have brought the light of inspiration to this nook of the woods today.
    sending much LOVE, Sheri

    p.s. how happy you are making those houseplants :)

  3. That's so cool! I always wanted to try making something other than necklaces with macrame but never got around to getting thick enough materials to do it. Maybe eventually... I hope you keep sharing stuff as you make it!

  4. i used to love doing macrame back in the day when i was in highschool. i haven't done it in years! that is really great. your hair is also crazy long! great pictures.

  5. gosh! I can't believe you made that! from a book! I've tried macrame before and gotten so frustrated. You must be a craft genius. I'm all about macrame plant hangers but C. is all about hating on them. You look awesome with your creation!

  6. Wow it looks absolutely amazing I think you have become the Macrame Queen....I am working on my crafts skills as well. It is fun learning something new isn't it :) You have beautiful handwork I can't wait to see more ~Love Heather

  7. Oh my goodness that is absolutely beautiful, I cannot believe you made that with just having learned how to! But then again, I can believe it because you are a beautiful soul :). Macrame is incredibly intricate and astounding. We have it hung up on some of our walls in the house. My mom used to make purses from it as well as wall hangings. Maybe I can show her your post and inspire her to pick it up again :).
    If I had money I would totally buy a piece from you if you ever sold any or made an easy account with them! But I'll let you know when I stop being a broke ass music student haha :)
    Anyhow, peace and love and happy macrame making!
    Keep up the beautiful work :)

    Love, Ginela

  8. I love this photo Anne, perfect 70's vibe, and yes, those jeans rock! That's so cool that you're finally doing macrame, and doing a beautiful job of it I must say, so cool!

  9. The macrame is cool and all, but I am digging your outfit here more than anything! LOVE it all!

  10. Muh-crommy is super duper! I'm still waiting for my poolside tutorial :D Some day. This picture still remains one of my favs (wish your cute face was in it) :D


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