oh shane

IMG_5517 IMG_6135 IMG_5973
you are my sweet boy, my mischief maker, my wild man and my patience tester. i love you.



  1. Oh what a sweet face! Your Shane reminds me of my own when he was that age. This post brings a teary eye...as it reminds me of my sweet boys, now 22 and 16. Oh how they lift us up to be the best we can be. xoxo

  2. I love still blooming's comment - so true. And Shane, with that face! Well, he can get away with anything :)

  3. aw, his scrumptious little face still has some baby-ness to it. yummyness. i would have a hard time not letting him get away with everything...wild boy indeed. :)

  4. those eyes look curious and quizzical. i can learn a thing or two from the way boys take in the world!

  5. aww, he's a dollface. looks like his mama, that one!


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