beach buddies

this morning we went down to the beach to get some "earthing" in. i've been pretty stressed and anxiety filled lately and it's beginning to take a toll on me physically. after reading this article i realized i don't really take advantage of the fact that i live a mile from the beach. so to remedy that we grounded ourselves in the sand, the breeze and fresh ocean air this morning. i already feel a thousand times better!



  1. oh yeah! Sand and dirt and water are all good for the stressed soul. Once a week at least I say! Can I ask what beach it is? We've just been warned by a friend not to let our kids out at Long Beach (on the beach) or on any LA beach without shoes for fear of needles and glass - should I take that advice on board?

  2. i've never heard of earthing before! i lovelovelove it! i'm going to be in the california foothills next week, i think i'll try some earthing in the american river!

    it looks like you and your beach buddies had a great time. glad to hear you feel better!

  3. Wonderful pictures and what a gorgeous family! Looks like you all had a great carefree day.

  4. yay....earthing! your kids are the dang cutest things on earth, right along with you sweet mama! a beach day sounds soooo nice right now and all the colors are dreamy.

  5. I live really near to a small lake and a lovely park but I don't go quite enough, but it really is SO good to get outside and touch natural things and ground yourself :)

  6. So sorry to hear about the anxiety- it's so worthless!!! I've been feeling the same way and keep getting sick. I'm on rocket fuel antibiotics for a bad sinus infection right now! :(

    You beach pictures are stinkin adorable!!! And yes, going outside and getting fresh air always seems to do the trick (or walking, riding bikes...getting the stress out physically!!!) Hope you feel better soon- we've got a super duper garage sale going on this weekend, that's gotta make it better temporarily at least! :D


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