success! a crispy raw cracker

well, it turns out that the third time truly is a charm! over the last couple of years i have twice attempted to make a good raw cracker... with no luck. the previous batches were edible, but there was no crunch and because of the flax seeds they had a sliminess to them :( yuck! ok, maybe i was the only one who found them edible. ruben refused to eat them, but sense i had put time and money into them there was no way i was going to throw them away. waste not want not, right?
so, maybe you're now wondering why i tried again? well, let me tell you. my little bebe, marianne has been eating Ak Mak crackers the last month or so. i really don't want her eating any grains, especially wheat, but she liked them so much that i was giving them to her regardless of my reservations. then the light bulb went off, raw crackers!
i remembered watching a few videos last year by Abeba. she is a fun, spunky raw foodie who makes crispy, crunchy raw crackers, chips and cookies. i believed she had the secret to the crunch so i purchased her e book, Absolutley Abeba's Krazy Krackers to find out for sure.
turns out, Abeba rules! my crackers came out raw-mazing! hahaha marianne loves them and alex even asked to take some in her lunch today! now if that's not success i don't know what is!
i can't wait to try the next raw-cipe (i want you to know i'm cRAWcking up right now, tears are RAWnning down my face!). ok, several minutes have passed. i've regained my composure. anyway, i'm stoked and if you're at all interested in raw crackers i suggest you hop on over to Abeba's site here.

since i'm not giving the recipe out (that would not be cool to Abeba) i will give a tip- soak the flax seeds. it helps get the slime out.



  1. first off, you are the cutest thing on earth and your puns are hilarious! LOVE how you tell this story, i can just picture you dutifully eating up the last ones because you can't stand the waste (i'm like that too!) anyway these look great and it is so fun to see happy marianne enjoying them! one of these days we'll have to talk about baby food, i am pretty clueless. i mean i'm into healthy eating but i had no idea that (cooked) grains were bad for baby, and other tidbits like that. i eat akmaks all the time. anyway, i need to get Nourishing Traditions, it NEVER comes into my work but one of these days i'll snag it :)

    happy day loves!

  2. Oh that sounds great. That is so me brian won't eat most of my concoctions! So I'm stuck cleaning up. Have yet to get a good cracker recipe. Maybe I'll get the book too! :D

  3. haha you are RAWckus. I am going to check that out, I've been interested in integrating more raw food into our diet that doesn't necessarily resemble what it started out as.....but haven't gotten off my butt to try anything yet. But i gotta.

  4. Annie, I just love you! This was a blast to read. Not the least bit interested in making the cracks, I mean, do I have time? But seeing adorable you being creative with kiddies is the best!

  5. Alex is such a beautiful little girl! And those crackers look awesome. I was juicing a lot for a while and felt really sad to just throw the pulp away, so I made a raw "dough" out of it and put it into my dehydrator, and it was....meh. Very mealy and weird, even though the taste was great. So it's good to see that there are resources!

  6. Punkin,

    Suggest u write a book, "marianne and ME" in the exact style with frequent pictures about the vicissitudes of raising bebe. It will be a smash hit and so will you!


    Mr. Mysterious

  7. I'll have to check that out. My kids are suckers for anything in chip form, but I haven't had any luck making my own so far either.

  8. yeah, I'd be eating the not so crunchy ones too- how RAW-diculous, right?! Maybe we lived through the depression and just didn't know it :D I wanna try both kale and crackers! :D

  9. I would never have thought of this but they look really yummy and your cutie-pants little girl is definately selling them! Love this post and I just might give these a shot.

  10. What's the recipe?? Would love to try to make this. You are super cute - great post http://nauticalowl.blogspot.com/


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