baby hannah

yesterday we spent the afternoon with my friend rita and her new baby, hannah. she is a sweet, chunky bundle of cuteness and as you can see in the first photo, marianne was VERY interested in her. i had to physically hold her back, she was trying with all her might to get as close as possible to this new, exciting little person. and exciting it is! a new life, a new friend. yay!

yesterday i also finished the last finger puppet pig. the set is now complete and ready for action!



  1. oh my goodness, what a little beaut hannah is!!! and marianne so tenderly and curiously peering down at her....so adorable i could cry! man i can't wait to have one of my very own :) marianne's little rainbow hoodie is so cute. so is hannah the baby born with hypnobirthing? i'd love to hear more about it. so far i haven't taken any sort of classes on childbirth although i've been "studying" religiously reading and watching birth stories online. so fascinating!

    your finger puppets absolutely rule. the wolf's face is INCREDIBLE! and i love the little handsies holding them up, cuties!

  2. What a gorgeous baby! Wonderful photos and those finger puppets are so cool. I love the three little pigs.

  3. Babies discovering babies. What wonder!

  4. Congrats to Rita!!! Her baby is so sweet :D I LOVE Marianne's lil rainbow get up too- and can't wait to hear the story told by Shane using the puppets :D That song's been stuck in my head since I saw the last puppet finished on instagram!

  5. Those finger puppets are awesome!

  6. Those finger puppets are GENIUS! I love them to bits, thanks for sharing :)


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