treasure filled wednesday

last wednesday the thrifting gods were on my side! i was on my way to my usual wednesday thrift store when i saw a sign for a yard sale. typically this wouldn't really interest me, but it happened to be at this house that i ALWAYS look at and say to myself, "i know that house is loaded with cool stuff". it's pretty run down, has loads of cacti and succulents in the yard, old cars...all the makings of a possible vintage, antique, hoarder type. and let me tell ya, my instincts were right on! for ten bucks i got the pictured wallet, crystal, and fossilized dinosaur dung (that's what she said it was!). i also scored an awesome cloth american flag, small barrel cactus, antique crochet baby bonnet, an old wood crate, and a few other random embroidery/stitching items. needless to say i was very pleased.

on my way home i had a feeling that my package from the lovely sara of forestlass would be waiting for me. i was right again! when i drove up, there it was waiting for me! last month she asked if i would be interested in doing an etsy trade, as if she had to ask ;D i sent her an irish knit sweater and i got the most amazing, super summery gunne! it fits perfectly and will post pictures of me wearing it when the weather warms up. thanks again sara! if you haven't visited her shop or blog do yourself a favor and head on over. she is a truly beautiful, unique soul!

that was my wednesday. other than that day things have been a bit on the crazy/stressful/exciting side as of late. we're staying positive and i'm pretty sure i can speak for both ruben and myself when i say that i feel a shift occurring and a time of new beginnings entering our lives. perfect timing because spring has almost sprung!

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  1. nice finds. love that wallet/handbag thing.

  2. What great finds! I especially like the wallet. Also, love Sara's store- I might have to order some of those wood buttons for a romper I want to change up a bit. Thanks! Happy (almost) spring!

  3. that quartz is pretty amazing. what a lovely wednesday!

  4. Fun! I love that picture of the wallet and shoes (with your cute orange toenails :D There's nothing better than scoring some great "stuff" from a yard sale... one man's junk is.... :D A big smile on our faces!

  5. Hooray! I love it when I see other ladies' luck with the thrifty gods...I bet you smiled all day after taking home your haul. I know I would be. It truly is a funny instinct isn't it....thrifting. You can feel the luck before it happens! That dress is beautiful.

  6. Great finds! Speaking of packages... I'm really starting to worry the one you sent me got lost :( I really hope it slowly-eventually-someday makes its way to me.

  7. Ohh it's all so amazing and I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THAT GUNNE.

  8. Fossilized dinosaur dung??? Ok Anne, you win for most weirdly awesome thrift score ever! Way to follow those thrift instincts to the goods :)

    Now put on that gorgeous gunne and take some pics!

  9. that clutch is amazingly lovely!


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