supermodels of the 90's part 1- linda evangelista

i'm not the first to do this type of post, and i know i won't be the last.
i no longer follow models or even know who is popular in the fashion world, but back in the 90's i totally did! i got all the magazines and cut out the pictures i loved and made scrapbooks and poster boards filled with my favorites. and who was my fave? none other than the stunning linda evangelista!
whether her hair was brown, blonde, red or black, short or long, she was beautiful!
she could be androgynous, glamorous, sexy or girly.
just plain gorgeous!

kate, helena, claudia, christy, naomi, shalom....will be appearing here in the near future.
until then, i leave you with this video.



  1. Wow! What a babe! And Hello freedom video- I sing that song every time we walk by the park where there's a sweet old gray hound named Freedom! Oh, those 90s :D

  2. oh hell no, is she in black face trying to look like dorothy dandridge in Carmen Jones? oh hell no!

  3. I admit i was a supermodel fan too...my favourite was Christy Turlington....were those girls bigger than today's "super"models? They seemed more obviously beautiful and female.

  4. Ha! Yet another thing we have in common from our youth Anne. I totally followed them too, alright, I was slightly obsessed, I admit it. Dude, CNN Style With Elsa Klensch every Saturday morning ;)

    Brigit, I'm pretty sure that was supposed to be Sophia Loren.

  5. yep, i loved 'em too! my favorite was kate moss, and there was another adorable one whose name escapes me. i just looked her up...leilani bishop...i remember she had reallllly long hair. anyway, many of these photos of miss evangelista are soooo familiar to me, what a fun blast to the past!

  6. I love the '90s supermodels too. They're just so glamorous.


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