please tell me it's a bad idea...

to make another quilt.Chevron Baby Quilt 2
making a quilt is kind of like going on a long, strenuous hike. it sounds like a great idea at first, then you get going and half way through you wonder why you EVER started, you finally finish and thankfully feel a sense of accomplishment. time goes by and your aging memory forgets the pain and mental anguish. then your back at square one, starting the whole process over again. so, please tell me that it's a bad idea because i'm feeling like i want to start another quilt.

if i do indeed begin again, i'm thinking i'll do solid colors in a chevron pattern. i'm leaning toward black and mustard. my last two were made with vintage florals so a basic design and color scheme sounds nice.


p.s.-my very first post featured a young shane and alex and my second quilt. check it out here.


  1. Yes! I think a chevron pattern would be great! And well worth the pain & agony. Nothing beats a hand made quilt, eh?

  2. p.s: I ordered this cute pillow this morning on etsy! So cute for the boy's room.


  3. whoopsie!

    I meant this: http://www.etsy.com/listing/72089703/tribal-zig-zag-pillow-in-red-brown-and

  4. well if you do i wish you the best of luck and maybe it will be a little easier in a simpler pattern/color scheme? and i must admit, i will be thrilled to see your process and results! i love the chevron idea, 'twill be beautiful and soooo worth it!

  5. Ohhh, I LOVE that Chevron quilt. Wish I was patient enough to do something like this.

  6. The idea is planted and it's not gonna go away now! Dive in- the ones you showed are gorgeous, especially that first one with the red :D I think you're crazy, but that's only because I have crafting ADD. I say more power to ya if you can stick with it (and obviously you can)!!! Can't wait to see which one you pick!

  7. I'm sorry, but I cannot tell a lie. It's NEVER a bad idea to make another quilt! Especially if it looks like the one in that first picture! Beautiful!

  8. I've been piecing the same quilt for nearly 3 years haha... I rarely work on it though, so that's my own fault. I really do not think I will make one again, if I even finish this one hah. I think mustard and black would be great colours.


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