"bee bee". that's what shane calls marianne.

yesterday afternoon we laid on the bed in the sunshine and listened to the story of peter and the wolf on the classical music station. it was told by boris karloff. shane has a love for any story with a wolf in it, and this short film of peter and the wolf is a favorite of his. so hearing the familiar music and story on the radio brought a huge smile to his face. the children and i listen to classical music everyday. i'm so glad that they enjoy it and appreciate it.

marianne was looking cute in her little vintage playsuit, that nicky let us borrow, so i decided to do a wee photo shoot of her. she'll be 9 months in two weeks!

here's to a productive week! i plan on getting lots of things checked off my to-do list.
♥ anne


  1. Oh, I can't take it! She is so wonderful and adorable! This is exactly how I would dress my daughter if I had one.

    It sounds like such a nice time, lying in the sunshine listening to Peter and the Wolf. I used to love that story/music when I was a girl. Also, I love your bedding. You have such great taste!

  2. She looks. so. much. like. you! Lucky girl that she is. I love the Peter and the Wolf score...we had the audio tape that went along with the book when i was little.

  3. What a doll M is - and SO big since I've seen her last. That sunsuit & sweater is adorable. If I were you I wouldn't give it back ;0

  4. oh man, she is too impossibly, squeezably ADORABLE! that little sunsuit on her is just killing me. Loving her froggy pose and kissable little leggies. The whole afternoon sounds like heaven and shane has some pretty cool interests :)

    sweet sunshine pouring out of this post, thank you!

  5. OHHHH my gosh. Yep, now I know what you guys went through with Olivia (Not that Shaners wasn't an inspiration- but we were just SO closed to the idea of another at that point!). I'm still not interested in another, but dang I love cuddling that lil person! :D She is adorable in her lil outfit reading the salmon princess. Very cool that you guys heard that story on the radio and that you're listening to classical music! How educational - like ducks n geese- hahhahahha :D

  6. Nine months already!? She's SUCH A DOLL. That little outfit is killing me. Vintage bebes are the best kinda bebes.

  7. Hello beautiful bebe girl! You look so very cute in your suit and lemon cardigan :)

  8. She's such a cutie, even when she's wailing away ;) Thanks for sharing these little moments with us, I can't believe she's nearly 9 months!


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