rose of a different name

remember last year when i scored this gunne for a mere $1? well... i can finally wear it! if you recall, it had stains and tears on the sleeves which i tried to wash out and mend but in the end i decided it would best to just cut them off. i really hate to alter vintage clothes. for some reason it makes me sad to see them cut up and changed but, like i said, i didn't see any other option. that being said, i really am pleased with how it looks :D am i contradicting myself here?

this dress is so ideal- it has pockets (every mom needs clothes with pockets), i can nurse in it (thank you corset bodice) and it's just overall adorable. jessica mc clintock rules!
plus, my awesome leaf hair clip from milla goes perfectly with it.

here's the song i've been listening to all morning. i sure do love waylon!

The devil made me do it the first time

The second time I done it on my own

Lord put a handle on a simple handed man

And help me leave that black rose alone

happy friday!



  1. this dress looks beautiful on you! I think it definitely looks better without the sleeves too. love Waylon!

  2. You did a great job, it looks like it was meant to be sleeveless. It looks amazing on you! And you look so fantastic, what a lovely mama.

  3. i prefer gunnes with no sleeves. the sleeves are too much for me, they look costumey and i am not a fan. i think this looks amazing this way, and is probably better for you climate. you look gorgeous!

  4. Wow, nice revamping work- the dress is super cute!! I have a dress whose sleeves I had to cut too but sadly it's in the bottom of my closet (with all the other lonely crafts) waiting for finishing touches. Some day.....

  5. I agree with Bonfire o.m.v - the sleeveless version suits my personal tastes a bit more. Slightly cooler take on the old school trend. I love the original designs on other people, but always feel like Laura Ingles when I try them on myself :/ And you did a great job! Looks perfect on you. Love the denim jacket combo. Can't ever go wrong with those two, right?

    Hope to see you guys soon!

  6. Great job! looks so pretty. Beautiful colour too.

  7. That looks fantastic! Great job!

  8. Ah you look lovely ;)

    saying hi from Nicky's blog!

  9. Colour looks beautiful on you, Anne. Great find :)

  10. Oh you look amazing dear Anne! One dollar Gunne sack rocks and I feel honored my little leaf can be paired with it. How cute that you can nurse in it. That gives me hope for my possible future motherhood ;) You are one inspiring mama!

  11. It looks perfect without the sleeves and you look beautiful wearing it! Nicely done :)


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