sad soiled sax

today, while rummaging through a large box of clothes at the goodwill, i came across this most lovely Gunne Sax dress.

i was of course thrilled. in all my thrifting adventures, this is only the third gunne i've come across. one i would definitely keep for myself and not sell.

i love the colors and the fact that it has pockets! which is always a plus in my book.

as i was looking it over, i sadly realized the sleeve had a big rip and grease stains on the lower portion. but, seeing as it was only $1 i could not leave it behind. i figure i can shorten the sleeves or something. anyone have any other ideas? i'm not the greatest seamstress, but i feel i may be up to this repair.

even with it's needs, i'm super happy to have this baby in my possession! i can't wait to be able to wear it after i have the baby.

i also wanted to say thank you so much for all the sweet comments on my last post. they truly warmed my heart and made me very happy that i wrote the post and shared part of my life with you all!

♥ anne


  1. she's still a beauty - stains n' all! lucky you!

  2. That's rad.. I was just about to post about a moo moo I found. I altered it today and was once again reminded how much I dislike sewing! Really! That's a fantastic dress you found... I'm sure you could cut the sleeves and make em ruffly or cuffed- good luck on that! hahahaha

  3. Nice find, too bad about the sleeve!

  4. It's lovely and will look lovely on you. Now I think what you ought to do is maybe just cut the sleeve to desired length, sew in some elastic and maybe add matching lace. It'll be a great little project.

    Can't wait to see it on you.

  5. Oh, it's a beauty, nice find! You could try a good oxiclean soak on the grease (or even bleach since the sleeves are white anyway) if the rip is repairable, that is. Good luck!

  6. Beautiful find! You could always just take the sleeve entirely off, but Milla's idea sounds like a great one. And if you want to try to take out the stain, I've found that soaking the fabric in hydrogen peroxide does wonders. It also doesn't leach any color from the colored fabric (in case you drip).

    Thank you for following my blog, by the way :)

  7. Seriously- it will look cuter with the sleeves removed anyway!

  8. What an awesome find! I think it would look supercute with less sleeve, too, so maybe the grease stain was a happy twist of fate.


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