i'll let you be in my dreams if i can be in yours.

-Bob Dylan
dream 001c
i had so much fun making this dreamcatcher yesterday. i recently came across the lune vintage blog, where jill gives a wonderful tutorial on how to make these babies and other cool crafts! go check it out.

dream 005c

thank you so much for all the incredibly nice comments about little marianne! reading what you all had to say brightened my day and brought a smile to my face. she is a dream baby indeed! she's sleeping ALOT and of course nurses lots (when she's awake). i couldn't have wished for a calmer, sweeter babe!

♥ anne


  1. that's a beautiful dreamcatcher! I have an undying adoration for dreamcatchers and always have:) I would love to make one...

  2. Oooh, that's pretty! I'm gonna head over and check out the tutorial.

  3. WOW!!! That thing is fantastic! So professional looking :D If they're coming back around, Erick's in luck!!!! hehe

    Whatchya doing this weekend?

  4. Oh my gosh - just yesterday I had my childhood necklace (a grand canyon keepsake, similar to one of these) hanging from my rearview mirror and Mike was so freaked out by it. He asked what it was and said "you know a certain type of people like those, right?" hahah, so I suppose you are "one of those" :) Love it. I am also overjoyed to hear you finally got a sleepyheaded baby. You deserve it! Hope to see ya'll this weekend. xxo

  5. yes! i just bookmarked that tutorial the other day. yours looks RAD!!!

  6. what a cute blog and tutorial. thanks for sharing it :)

  7. That is just gorgeous. And I have a secret confession. I really freaking love macrame.

  8. Wow beautiful!! I want to try it also!

  9. Your dream catcher looks amazing! I really like the agate!

  10. I LOVE this. Yay for sleepy dream babies!


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