i'm still here

well, it's been nearly a month since my last post. i was sick yet again and being ill that many times in a matter of months really begins to put a damper on your spirit. thankfully i'm now feeling quite well. last night i read this and found it to be oh so true-
"I suppose it is that sickness and weakness are selfish things and turn our inner eyes and sympathy on ourselves, whilst health and strength give Love rein, and in thought and feeling he can wander where he wills."

Bram Stoker, Dracula

i have been the recipient of many wonderful, love filled gifts in the past weeks. first, claire sent a most sweet, heartfelt package. it was filled baby clothes, books, a most special beeswax candle, a postpardum remedy and so much more all wrapped up in a gorgeous shawl.

Wise Woman Herbal Childbearing Years is awesome! i've already referenced it many times (and will for sure do so many times in the future) and have found it to be extremly useful.

thank you so much claire!

i also received a package from the lovely milla, but you'll have to wait to see what goodies were in that one! i'll be wearing a special top she sent me this weekend, so an outfit post will be coming your way soon.

the goodwill has been decorating my walls lately. i found these two gems-

that's all for now. my computer is acting up big time.

hope all is well!

♥ anne


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been unwell sweets, but I'm so very glad that you're feeling better. (I know how that all feels-though I don't know it feels when you're with child.) I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes swimmingly with your lovely gifts and plenty of rest and can't wait to "meet" your latest addition. Hugs, Bright Blessings and Sweetness and Light to you and your family.

  2. i have been thinking of you and yours and hoping that you were doing well. i am sorry to hear that you have been sick again, but i am so glad that you are feeling better and back for a post :)

    the artwork you found is adorable, especially that owl with the sweet face!

    take care. xo

  3. Aww, how fun! The love packages are something else! This group of gals I tell ya!!! :D Such cute little goodies from Claire and I can't wait to see what Milla sent you! Happy Thursday- see you in a few more days :D

  4. So glad to hear from you Anne! I had been wondering and was just about to start asking. And very glad that you are feeling better too. Being sick really does just suck the life and joy out of you.
    I used that Susan Weed book so much. Have you read her other book, the general one? It's green. Wise Woman something :-)

  5. awww, it's good to see you again round these parts! i've missed you and i am soooo sorry you've not been feeling well. i hope springtime and the coming of the new baby bring lots of fresh life and health and sunshine!!!

    glad to hear you are feeling better and i send you lots of love and healthy energy! can't wait to see more of your lovely gifts.

  6. I had two colds a while ago that came almost back to back and it was really taxing, so I know how you feel! Definitely good to hear you're feeling better and see you posting again :) I really love the cute little embroidered plants, nice find. And I can't wait to see your outfit post!

  7. yay, so happy to have you back. you were most definitely missed. these girls and their well-thought packages are sooo sweet. good people here in blogland.i also love the embroidered print - very cool.

    see you sunday!

  8. Yay, you're back! What a bummer about the sickness, glad it's past and here's hoping for a super healthy rest of your pregnancy :)

    There's nothing like some thoughtful package love to raise a gal's spirits too. Looking forward to that outfit post!

  9. Sorry you've been unwell dear Anne and glad you are back :)


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