springtime at A Cup Full of Sunshine Vintage

vintage 70s hand embroidered shirt SOLD

vintage metalic yellow and black floral floppy sunhat

well there you have it! one big ol etsy update.

my lovely friend Jessica modeled all the clothes for me since i'm unable to at this point. i really wish there was a link on her name that took you to her blog and etsy shop, but unfortunately she has neither. she is an amazing writer and crafter and always looks awesome, not to mention she is truly a very sweet and super fun soul. she has three little boys and seriously her stories are the best! i've been trying to convince her for the last year to do these things, so hopefully in 2011 she will!

♥ anne


  1. I love it! I second how super talented and amazing Jessica is :D

    I have to ask, did Jess fall in love with any of the outfits? She looks fantastic in them all.

  2. My, my what a beautiful shoot. All your dresses are absolutely beautiful, especially the red scarf dress and I love that cowgirl shirt. In fact I'mma gonna go get out it's twin and wear it now, inspired by this. Spring seems so far away, but that's always when she gets to you right? Right now I have my heart set on winter, a good snowfall would be in order.

    Oh and thanks for the email, it so warmed my heart. Kind words from someone so inspirational and beautiful and original and sweet just made me blush. I can't wait! Big hug

  3. Jessica looks gorgeous- especially in that first white dress!!! Not to mention how natural she looks wearing that little headband, but it comes as no surprise after flipping through her mom's photo album at her house! Her mom was SUCH a free spirited babe!!! Jessica- start your blog already!!!!! I can't wait to read it :D Nice shots Anne!

  4. I'm in love with the batek ANYTHING.
    And that skirt is no exception!!



  5. brr, i could use a little spring today.
    what a lovely and inspiring little shoot!
    off to check the deets on that cross stitched skirt...

  6. I love all the dresses and want to wear them in my future springtime. I'm looking at the sky, which cannot muster up the gumption to snow, but only pelt us with hail and frosts us with ice overnight. Oh, well.
    Hope you're feeling absolutely * wonderful*

  7. wow, those dresses are so beautiful! I'll definetly be checking out your etsy!



  8. Ohh I love "vintage 70s pink and white gingham prairie maxi dress" and also "vintage daisy empire waist maxi dress"! pretty !:)

    autumn, coffee and inspiration

  9. Wow, all these dresses look gorgeous! Especially the plain white hippiesque one :) I'd love to wear maxi dresses but somehow I'm too small and look strange wearing them, what a bummer :(

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I passed on the Stylish Blogger Award to you.
    For more info see my latest blogpost.

    Have a wonderful day! :)


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