Filhas da Terra on Etsy

How amazing is my new necklace from Filhas da Terra on Etsy?!

I rarely buy jewelry, but when I discovered Nico's shop, I just HAD to get something. Everything is so unique and all items are beautifully handmade. I had a hard time deciding which piece to buy because I seriously loved everything. I'm so thrilled with my necklace, it's exactly the kind of jewelery I like and can't wait to incorporate into my daily wardrobe!

Thanks Nico!

♥ anne

p.s.- I was just thinking how cool it is, that all the crafty folks out there can so easily sell their items on Etsy. It benefits them because they have a place to sell. It benefits us because we get to purchase their lovely handmade goods. It's a win-win situation people! I get such a satisfying feeling knowing that I purchased something from someone how puts their heart into their work rather than something mass produced in a factory. Yeah for Etsy! Yeah for handmade!


  1. Ooo, I just bought the Little Pink Envelope necklace! It looks so sweet! Thanks for leading me there! :)

  2. That necklace is awesome. So perfect with your style.

    Lulu Letty

  3. Her stuff is SO amazing! I love your new necklace and so agree- Etsy is fantastic!

  4. I love it! What a great statement piece!

  5. So awesome, I remember seeing these featured on Rachel's blog, Amazing! The one you chose is my absolute fave and the colors are so perfect with that dress too!

    Hey speaking of necklaces, I am loving the owl so much, I wore it for the first time yesterday and got a bunch of compliments on it while dropping Clover off at preschool, both the moms and the kids thought it was really cool!

  6. Ooh! Just love that! And I agree about Etsy! It's marvelous!


  7. Love your style and love this necklace...just brilliant.
    Thanks for finding me on twitter...
    XO Emily


  8. oh that necklace is just gorgeous!!! :)

  9. beautiful necklace and I agree, yeah for etsy. x

  10. #1 I looove that necklace!
    #2 Your dress is so pretty. The shape and colour is perfect for warm summer days :)

    I agree - yay for Etsy!

  11. LOVE that necklace and paired so prettily in the photos...


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