Mama's got a new pair of jeans!

So, here is what I wore yesterday. There's nothing imparticularly special about this outfit, just an everyday look. The jeans are new. I've been searching for a higher waisted jean with a 70's feel and these were the best I could find. Of course, I'm always on the lookout for vintage jeans, but they are hard to come by and who knows how long it will be before I come across any that are just right. These will definitely do for the time being.

I'm in the midst of walking and putting my hands in pockets.
Lovin' this belt! It has a pretty flower design that goes around it.
I tried to get a shot of my favorite earings. They're just gold hoops, but i do love them so.
vintage plaid shirt- thrifted
jeans- joe's jeans
belt- thrifted

♥ anne


  1. hi anne. thanks so much for following my blog! i'm so glad you did, 'cause it gave me the chance to come visit yours. ima follow you right back :)

  2. YAY high waist jeans! You look gorgeous Anne!! I feel like you stepped straight out of Woodstock. So lovely.

    Lulu Letty

  3. i love the plaid & jeans look. so casual and chic :)

  4. really cute photos! the lighting is amazing!++

  5. I don't know how you make your photos look so retro! It seems like you're totally back in the 70s and showing us pics from a photo album. You look so gorgeous and laid back.


  6. great new jeans! i love the lighting in these photos - its got a great 70s vibe to it

  7. I love the belt. The whole look is very 70s chic.

  8. great outfit:D i love the simplicity of it, yet it's very casual chic:)


  9. Those jeans fit you perfectly! Isn't it wonderful to find a pair of comfy jeans? The tone & quality of your photos is so pretty - they always look like they've been taken with a vintage camera :) Do you use any special settings?

  10. yapyap i like your jeans...great styling and those photos are pretty!!



  11. tu es si jolie tout droit sortie des années 70.bisou

  12. Wow! You definitly look like a sexy lady directly from the 70s in these picture! Adore the look/plaid shirt/jeans!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  13. Hi! It's really easy:
    - just go into the edit option for your 'labels' box, and select 'cloud' (it's currently a 'list').
    - Then you can choose if they are displayed in alphabetical order or by frequency. I like them in alphabetical order cos you get a nice mix of big then small. Then I renamed mine 'browse' in the title.
    - You might want to untick the box for displaying number of posts in each category.

    Aww your cat sounds sweet! Hope to see some pics sometime. (I'm starting to worry that my blog will turn into a cat blog... lol)

    Have a good day!

  14. Hi again! Your labels look great!!

    Yes I was really excited when I managed to get 3 columns. I used a tutorial on this website http://www.threecolumnblogger.com/2008/09/adjusting-three-column-margins-in.html but I'm not certain that I've got the spacing right as I don't think everything is in the centre of the screen (I measured the screen with a ruler to check lol - not that confident with pixels!) I kind of used trial and error.

    One thing that I can't work out how to do is make the post text a different size from the sidebar text. There isn't a different option for it so the html code needs to be edited but I got in an awful muddle when I tried. Luckily I'd backed up my template!

    So clever how you get your photos like that! I honestly thought you had a special camera or filter.

    Have a good evening :) (or day - not sure what time it is for you!)

  15. hi, anne! thanks for ur comment on my blog:) it's so great that u traveled to yosemite every year and climbed half dome and yosemite falls. we should to go a lot, too, when we were younger. i would love to climb half dome one day, although i heard it's a very hard hike lol:D

    p.s. i know i commented on ur outfit before, but i just love the 70s vibe here:D



  16. I love your outfit. I've always been drawn to the country influence in 70's clothes and love high-waisted jeans. Your plaid blouse is wonderful too.

  17. really love the vintage look! I love the flannel!

  18. I love your photos!!
    and the light is so beautiful!

    lovely blog!


  19. these are great photos! and that's so cool that you found great thrifted stuff. maybe it's because i live in such a busy area, but i always have trouble sifting through items in thrift stores

  20. of course, you look just about perfect in anything you wear! you rock this outfit wonderfully!

  21. Such a classic outfit, plaid, leather, denim, even the simple gold hoops... love it!

    I hate that it's so impossible to thrift good jeans, like finding a needle in a haystack and with kids, who has the time to search?!

    It's been over a year since I've purchased any new clothing, but I've really been itching to hit the mall for some jeans shopping lately.


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