Rain, rain PLEASE don't go away!

It's actually raining today(Monday)! And let me tell ya, this is a most exciting occurrence here in southern California . I really hope it lasts longer than a day because it rarely does. So, in wanting to take full advantage of the rain, I just had to get outside and take some pictures in the downpour. Last week I posted about my lovely plaid coat and this orange beauty is another one of my faves. I love the fur collar, the color, the belt...I guess I just love the whole dang thing. Do you have a favorite coat?

My friend from across the pond, Little Monarch, has interviewed me on her amazing blog! Come check it out.

Happy Tuesday to all!

♥ anne


  1. I wish it would stop raining in the UK - I hate the way my hair reacts haha! I love your bright coat. It's lovely to have a bold shade in the winter! What a sweet interview :) I'm going to have a read of Little Monarch's blog now.

  2. what a gorgeous outfit, love the umbrella as well.

  3. This coat is gorgeous. Love the collar and your green boots.

    Excellent interview on Little Monarch!!


  4. How cutie pie are you?! I love the orange coat and the umbrella! And your boots look adorable.

    I love the rain too! Although when I lived in Southern California, it seemed like it rained allllll winter long. Was that just an odd year?


  5. Adorable! Love the umbrella and happy coat!

    What a fun interview over with Little Monarch too! You guys have the best wedding pictures :)

  6. the fur is so cool! I saw a really cool pink coat at the op shop today but unfortunately i couldn't wear it for another 6 months! the grass is always greener huh?!

  7. what lovely pictures these are! you are so Gene Kelly singing in the rain

  8. gorgeous coat! i love, love the color:)


  9. I. Love. That. Coat. For serious. That's probably because it's like the blue one I have, but I have a sneaking suspicion yours is better. Your photos are SO awesome; they look very vintage. i also love the pictures of your Gram.


  10. Gorgeous coat! I love the fur collar and what a great color. Don't fun umbrellas make the best accessories too?!

  11. im loving this coat!!!

    Im still searching for mine :(


  12. You look absolutely adorable! I really love your coat and boots! :)


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