Vintage coat, oh how I love thee

Oh, how I adore this coat! I rarely wear it because it's never cold enough, but yesterday there was a chill in the air, so I jumped at the chance to put it on and snap a few photos. My friend gave it to me a few years ago because her husband hated it. I know, how could he hate it?! Well, regardless of his reasons, I definitely benefited from them. You see the black sweater sleeves? Those are part of the coat. How cute is that!
Last night my Mom and I went to see New Moon. This is how I found Shane when I got home. He fell asleep half way under the couch!

Take care.
♥ anne


  1. That coat is lovely.
    P.S. On the socks, no they're just normal socks. :)

  2. gorgeous coat and adorable Shane :)

  3. That is THE perfect fall coat!

    Such cuteness there on the floor, half way under the couch, haahaa :)

    This morning I had to take a picture of Clover because she was sleeping with her legs all scruched up under her and her little butt sticking up in the air.

  4. soooo cute! baby and also the coat! it was about 25 degrees today here, and windy, yet iprotest winter coming by NOT wearing a jacket!maybe if i had a super cool one id wear it...

  5. hehe I thought you might make a crafty advent calendar!

    oooh what did you think of new moon? I'm def on team jacob now! xx

  6. Ooh, that coat is great! It is strange how the sweater sleeves are attached, but hey, it works!
    I just saw Twilight for the first time recently, and I am hoping to see new moon soon..Did you enjoy it?

  7. Ahhh, that coat! I do love it!

    And sweet little Shaners!!! That's rad, he put himself to sleep... it's starting to get easier... more grown up hang outs soon! A whole night of soaking in the "hawt tub... with spiced meats" hahahahah

  8. That coat is simply amazing!! What an awesome inheritance from your friend.

    Did you like New Moon?!?

    Shane is so adorable.


  9. What a cutie pie! I love that picture!

    That coat is so marvelous. Lucky you!

    P.S. I tagged you with an award at my blog! iamemmamusic.blogspot.com

  10. That coat is stunning! Just discovered your blog - looks like fun :)


  11. Hi again :) Thanks for your lovely comments. Glad I've made a blog friend :) I've added you onto my Google Reader (does that mean I'll appear as a little square under 'Followers' or is that a different type of network? Confusing!

  12. That coat is lovely, and very good luck on your part! I loooved New Moon, it was so good!

  13. thanks so much for all the nice comments! new moon was fantastic. i liked it much more than twilight. i can't say who i like better, edward or jacob... and the music was awesome too. overall, well worth seeing :)

  14. Holy Lord, that coat is perfect. I MUST find one like that. Like, today. Like, tonight. New mission. You're beautiful, too, by the way :)


  15. i love ur coat! how nice of ur friend to give it to u:) i can't believe the sleeves are part of the coat! love it! great blog, btw:D



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