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"I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for fashion, not for men."
Marlene Dietrich

I can't say I necessarily agree with this quote (I still love Marlene Dietrich though). I do dress for myself and for my husband. And if I'm going to be honest here, I'd have to admit that I dress for others as well. I mean, who out there doesn't enjoy getting compliments? I'm not saying I'd wear something that wasn't me, in hopes of getting compliments. I'm just wondering, is really that big of deal to dress for yourself, the public, fashion or men?

It's interesting, even if you don't care about fashion, you are still saying something about yourself based on how you look. As much as one may not want to admit it, you are still making a statement with your clothes.

What statement do you want to make? And unless you're like Marlene Dietrich, who do you dress for?

♥ anne

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  2. I dress for the image. and for myself. and for the public. and for men. and for the stories the clothes tell.

  3. She stunning here. Love the menswear.

    I most definitely dress for myself!!


  4. Great post! So interesting!

    I think it's not healthy to do things entirely for other people (especially if they make you unhappy!) but I too dress for men (high heels are not comfortable and I have a deep distrust of women who say otherwise!), for friends and onlookers and for myself. I tend to pick a character to theme my outfit like yesterday - aviatrix, today - pinup librarian.

    And by dressing for her image, isn't she really dressing for the public? And herself?

    Very thought-provoking!


  5. I love that idea...of dressing to project an image, and one that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with one's self, but to create a specific idea. I think you're definitely right. We all tell stories about ourselves with what we choose to wear. Some people are just more conscious of it than others:) It sounds like Marlene Dietrich was especially conscious of it.

  6. what an interesting quote... I certainly dress for other people: my friends, my boyfriend. Often I wear outfits purely for me to uni. sometimes i don't like to wear things that are too "out there" because people stare and probably think I'm superficial. but sometimes I think the opposite is true: fashion is often technically unflattering, so it is the silliest and most un-superficial people who dare to wear it...

  7. Great post! So true that you are saying something about yourself when you dress. For me, I think my moods really dictate what I'm wearing. From there.... I try to look good for my man (even better when he notices and says something :) and for myself especially. Notice how you feel when you "look good" and the opposite is true, too. Happy dressing! I LOVE BOOTS!!!!

  8. yeah!!! i loved reading what you all had to say :)


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