The 90s called...

dress- thrifted
shoes- thrifted
beret- have had for years
sweater- charlotte russe, I think

I've really been enjoying this dress. It's so comfy and has just that 90s feel I've been desiring lately. I picked it up at the Salvation Army a few months ago and have really grown quite fond of it. I also wore a beret today. I love hats, especially when they really serve a purpose, like covering dirty hair. Which was definitely the case today. I know, this isn't a pretty thing to think about, but I don't always have the time to wash and blow dry my hair and a hat is the perfect solution, wouldn't you agree?
Today was just awesome! I did some thrifting for my shop, and let me tell ya, I found some awesome pieces! I can't wait to get them up in my shop. I also had dinner at my Daddy's house. It was delicious as always and my Dad and I did the dishes while we listened to Neil Young (the dishes should never be done without good music). Thrifting, some wine, yummy food, wonderful music and family- what more could a girl ask for in a day?

Here's to happy times!
♥ anne


  1. oh i love your outfit here! the dress is perfect grunge especially with those boots. I want some :-)

    Thank you so much for always leaving such lovely comments on my blog. I'd very much love to interview you for Talk to me Tuesday. At the moment there is a bit of a waiting list but thought Id warn you that if you want to take part - some extra special questions will be coming your way x

  2. forgot to say - sounds like you and your dad had an amazing time together. Neil Young, dinner and fun times doing the dishes together! perfect.

  3. That sounds like a perfect day! I love your outfit....and kind of need to watch Reality Bites now:)

  4. I so love 90's grunge and your dress is perfect.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your dad!!


  5. Yay 90's, love this!

    I'm totally guilty of dirty-hair-hat-wearing myself, so your secret is safe with me ;)

  6. God these pics are amazing! I didn't even realise it was you! the lighting is just magic. oooh I love thrifting cant wait to see what you rumaged up...


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