So here are the Halloween pictures! We had such a fun night. No scared, crying children , just good times. We trick or treated and had chili at our friends house, then stayed up way too late playing guitar and singing songs next to the fire.
A couple weeks ago I found that Gunne Sax dress, so I had to go as Laura Ingalls. Ruben was Wolverine, Alex and Shane (not wearing hats) were pirates and Max was a baseball player.
I'm off now to go check out all the costume posts :)
♥ anne


  1. You seriously have the cutest family! Love your Laura Ingalls custom!!


  2. Aww the bottom pictures so sweet! Thank you for your comment.

  3. that top pic is so freaky! like you're a ghost! The wolverine costume worked great too, but it looks like your poor old pumkin got a bit mouldy? haha :)

  4. You look just like her too, that's crazy! Awesome costume and I love the dress so much, I'd wear it on a normal day for sure :)

    We had chili around the fire with friends too. As you know, I wish I could say the same about the no scared, crying children part ;)

  5. Sweet costumes; there's a great retro feel to the images.


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