the great pumpkin

Last week when we were at the grocery store, they were having a contest to guess the weight of an enormous pumpkin. We are always up for a contest, so we all made our guesses and put them in the box. Yesterday, as we were getting ready to head on over to our friends house for pumpkin carving, the phone rang. It was a man asking for my son. I asked what it was about (he's only 10 so he doesn't get any phone calls ) and the man said my son Max, had won the pumpkin contest! And the prize, of course, was the 250 lbs. pumpkin! I can't tell you how excited he was, it was so awesome.
I immediately wondered what the heck we were going to do with a 250lbs. pumpkin. My children had the answer, carve it. So there it is in all its gigantic glory! Look at how it dwarfs the other normal sized pumpkins. I'm sure the trick or treaters are going to love it.

Anyway,I can't wait to see all the costume posts tomorrow. Mine will be up also, so come check it out. I hope you all have a super spooky Halloween!

♥ anne


  1. Haha how did you scoop out all the insides? must have taken ages! I can't wait to see your costume- hope you got some spooky Halloween pics too!

  2. Those are some skillfully carved pumpkins! Happy Halloween.

  3. Oh, how wonderful for your son. Congratulations Max!!

    The carving turned out awesome.


  4. What a fantastic story! What a good guess! Hope you had a great halloween.

  5. wow! it is huge! BUT even the other ones next to it are bigger than the average carving pumpkin over here in London. and in NZ we dont even get the big carving pumpkins. just small green ones which taste delicious! cant wait to see costume posts


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