Yea For CSA

Last week when I was at my Dad's, my step-mom had just picked up her CSA basket from South Coast Farms. Look at those beautiful fruits and veggies! I used to get one also, and seeing hers made me quite envious and sad that I no longer receive one. So, I've now put re-subscribing on the top of my priority list. Everything is organic, fresh and has incredible flavor. Did you know that most produce in the supermarket has been traveling for up to two weeks! Crazy! To find a CSA farm near you, check out this site.


  1. csas rock! i too will do one next year, sadly in MN in the winter (which lasts HALF the year,not that im bitter) there isnt much growin.

  2. wow, i guess i never even thought of that. i suppose we are spoiled here in ca. at least as far as produce is concerned. but we don't have seasons, and that stinks! big time!

  3. OooOooO, makes me want to join too. The veggies are gorgeous!!


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