Hoo Hoo

Hoo doesn't love owlies? And hoo wouldn't love to have that Kate Spade Owl Handbag? It is so fantastic! If I had money to burn, I would already own one. Oh well, I will have to be satisfied with dreaming of it for now. The next photo is of my owl pitcher and mama and baby owl. And lastly is my little night owl, Shane. Aren't those pajamas adorable! Yea for owls!!!


  1. OH MY word!!! That is the cutest picture of Shane!!! Thanks for the apple crisp recipe too- I gotta try that. It was SOOO delicious!!!!! Happy Tuesday Cuppa Sunshine!

  2. thanks :) i'm lovin' photoshop!

  3. the entire outfit in the first pic is fantastic, i love bright red and all these fall colors. but your baby is even sweeter! love the jammies!


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