leggings- forever 21
shirt- thrifted
belt- borrowed
boots- thrifted
necklace- attached a gold broach to a gold necklace

Last Saturday we went to our friends annual Halloween party. As you can see, I went as Catwoman. Julie Newmar Catwoman that is. I really can't believe a threw this costume together like I did. I found the leggings at Forever 21 and then hopped on over to the Goodwill, and BAM! there was the perfect shirt. The boots, which you can't see in the picture (dang!) I had thrifted a month or so back, so I already had them. The gloves (not pictured) and belt I borrowed from Miss Kitty herself and the necklace...I have to say I was most proud of that. I connected a big gold broach to a big gold necklace. And there you have my best and most accurate Halloween costume ever.
The make-up was a lot of fun. Ever since my "dark days" I've toned down my make-up a lot. So I enjoyed getting a chance to do it up again! I hadn't worn false eyelashes in ages either, I am definitely out of practice, but I got those babies on. I love the look of them, super 60s! Now that I have a pair, maybe I'll wear them a little more often. I dug the eyebrows too, I did them just like Julie Newmar's in the T.V. show.
The only thing I would do differently, is take the sides of the shirt in, it was too baggy. But overall I loved it. Meow!
♥ anne


  1. I cannot believe that you found something from the thrift store and Forever 21 that matched so well!!! Great eye lashes, eyebrows, and over all accuracy! On a scale from one to ten... I give it an 11.

  2. You did an amazing job!!! You look just like her!


  3. cat woman is my favorite "super hero"! love the costume, your hairis so awesome!

  4. Oh my goodness! You look perfect! I am so impressed. Meow indeed!


  5. meow you super bad cat lady you! i love how you've done your hair and made it fit so nicely with the cat ears. loving it.

  6. Wow! This is so amazingly perfect and you really do look just like her!

    I love recreating movie or tv characters as costumes. In the past I've done Penny Lane from Almost Famous and Daryl Hannah's character in the original Kill Bill when she dresses up in her nurse disguise with the red cross eye patch.


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