Some Things I've Been Lovin'

Forest Creature Belt from Anthro


Do I even have to say anything here? Ok I will. Beer, bratwurst, beer.

the leaves changing color

The Flying Burrito Bros- love em!

I finally tried this after many months of searching for a shampoo and conditioner that was free of all the toxins but didn't make my hair extremely greasy. Yeah!!! It works!

Yerba Mate Lattes. Delicious! Just make a cup of the tea, add some frothy almond milk, maybe a touch of raw agave nectar and viola! you have a scrumtrilescent drink! No. I did not just make that word up. hehehe!


  1. That belt is super cool and aren't acorn just the cutest things!

  2. yes they are! btw- i love your blog and got excited that you left a comment. thank you :)

  3. YES!!! Scrumtrilescent is the best!!! Thanks for the link to watch Charles! Burt's makes some yummy stuff :)

  4. OH MY holy jumpsuits! That is the radest series of pictures EVER!!!! You rule.

  5. thank you. it is awesome isn't it! :)


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