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On Thursday, I could feel my friend the Goodwill calling out to me. She said, "Please come to me! I have so many wonderful things to offer you." Being the good friend that I am, I had to go. And let me tell you, I was not let down! I hit the jackpot baby! Among other pieces, I got this cute flowery dress.

On a sadder note, my favorite sandals are not doing so hot. They have walked many a mile with me and are nearing their last days. Even though they have a hole in bottom, I just can't seem to stop wearing them. And since I live in southern California, I can pretty much wear them all year (and have been doing so for the last three years). Now, you may be wondering, why I don't just buy another pair. Well, to tell you the truth... they're out of price range at the moment. Oh well. I'll wear them until they fall off my feet...to the bitter end.
As you can see, the toe loop has come undone on both shoes.

Here we are together in Colorado. Such sweet memories!


  1. Nooooo, they can't be falling apart yet! I love the shot of you with your sandals on vacation :)

  2. anne, i have missed so much on yall's blogs, so, i am glancing around.. :) i have to say that these shoes are definitely so cool!!!! i can see why you adore them so. did you ever get another pair or are you still able to wear them? i have a pair of sandals that i have been wearing every summer, for i love them as well, but i am not sure if they will make it for next year... :) LOL... also, what is the name brand of these shoes? i have never seen any like them. they are adorable... yes... :)


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