"I don't know why I love you babe"

"I don't know why I love you babe... but I love you darling, yes I do..."

Here's a little Mick to brighten your day. I looove the Rolling Stones and have been in love with Mick Jagger for many a moon. He's just so dang cute! Now, I understand not everyone feels this way. But let me tell ya, those of us who do, understand eachother. What are some of my favorite songs you ask? Well, I'd be glad to tell you. (I'll try to keep this list somewhat short) Miracle Mile, Dead Flowers, Don't Know Why, Waiting On a Friend, Happy, You Got The Silver, Rocks Off, Torn and Frayed... Ok, I really could keep going but I'll stop. For so many years now, I've been trying to decide my #1 favorite song of theirs. When I was young it was Angie and She's So Cold, but now I just can't seem to narrow it down. Oh well. What are some of your favorites? I'd love to know.

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