Yesterday was a really nice day! We spent most of the day outside soaking up the sunshine and even went down to the beach for walk. Everything is blooming and beautiful which makes me want to be out all day long. I wore this breezy white cotton dress I thrifted last week and figured I'd get a pic of me in it since I haven't shared an outfit in a long time.

wild onion
Wild Onion, I'm not sure what kind but isn't it gorgeous?!
Beach Primrose and Sand Verbena
Sand Verbena and Beach Primrose. I'm so happy that Newport Beach is allowing the native plants to grow back on the sand. What a joy it is to walk onto the beach and see all these beauties.
The girls love collecting shells... actually, I think Maggie just likes eating them. Yuck! I'm hoping Maggie grows timid of the water and waves but I'm doubting that'll happen. She barrels out there like she can swim and this is the main reason I don't go to the beach that often which is kinda ridiculous considering we live so close.
My main goal for my trips to the beach is to find a sand dollar. My step mom finds them all the time and I have never seen one. ever. I WILL find one dammit! And you can be sure I'll let you know when it happens. I know, it's just a sand dollar but these little goals (like seeing an owl) keep life interesting for me :)

♥ anne


  1. I love the dress. I love your goals. I love those beautiful flowers.

  2. We have a female barn owl who has lived in the barns in the fields on the back of our house for the last five years. I've only seen her twice, but we hear her most nights. One summer we didn't hear her for a few weeks and I was so worried something had happened to her! She is beautiful, and her call is a comforting sound in the evening x x


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