Picture Perfect vs Real Life

Last week when I was snapping a photo of the raw brownies I had made I got a good laugh at the photo vs real life. Often times we can make a moment seem much different than the reality and I thought this was a perfect example.
Real life can be messy, cluttered and as far from perfect as you can get and I'm excited to show that side a little more around here.

♥ anne


  1. Hehe, how refreshing!! And yummy brownies ;) xx

  2. totally. Not that i take many photos, but if there are any on my kitchen table, you can bet i've scooped all of the pens and papers and plates and cups to the side; and tried to brush away the tiny food scraps....rice....cornflakes....dried weetbix

  3. Now, if I could only focus on the small circle of beautiful on my desk rather than the mess, I think I would be more relaxed!

  4. Real life, real mess. I love this kind of acknowledgement of the messy bits of life. I don't know if you read Roughdraft Farmstead's blog, but they have a lovely "messy mondays" feature sometimes. The real nitty gritty of farming instead of the pretty pretty <3

  5. I love this!! :-D
    It is so true!

    People often say to me "you have such a lovely, clutter-free home"... ahem... That's beause I chose what to show in my pictures.. heh. :)

  6. YES! The clearing away just enough to get all the crap out of the photo… that's us over here too. I love that you posted this!

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  8. I live this! Thank you so much for posting, I often feel so inferior to moms that post all of these gorgeous pictures of their lives and I need to keep in mind that we're all on the same boat.


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