Inspiration Dress

I thrifted this pretty floral dress last year when I was pregnant with Margaret. Originally I was going to sell it because it looked like it would be too small for me but I decided to compare it to some of my other dresses with a similar cut. I was pleased to see that it should fit when I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Ten months postpartum and I'm still very far away from my previous weight. Considering this is my 5th time loosing baby weight I'm well aware of the fact that it doesn't come off easily for me. I've learned to remain calm about it and accept where I am but I'm ready to shed the extra pounds. Currently I can't wear 80% of my wardrobe and I refuse to buy new clothes when I have all my favorites hanging in the closet. I decided to hang my dress in my room as extra motivation.
Lent has officially begun and since it's a penitential time of year I plan on getting serious about about my health. Change in diet and lifestyle is never easy but I'm ready for the challenge. I am going raw again until Easter (you can read about my history with raw food here) and am pretty excited about it. This way of eating (plus exercise) is the only way I've successfully lost and kept weight off plus I feel much more balanced mentally. Hopefully in couple months my inspiration dress and all my other clothes will fit again.

For some yummy raw recipes check out some old posts here.

♥ anne


  1. Hope you have a good lent! I'm doing a few things for lent as well, mostly in the trying to be as kind and good as I can be department. I'm excited to see you in this dress soon!!!

  2. I only had two babies but I remember being so frustrated at the weighty changes. I always enjoy your Raw food posts so will look forward to you taking that path again; I hope you feel healthier and happier as it goes along. I remember Lent from when I was young and went to Catholic school and church, I don't think I was very good at keeping to my Lentian promises back then either, but you've given me something to consider. That's a cute dress girl, good find. We'll see you in it soon enough! x Teeny

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