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"As strange as it sounds, the real truth of being a mother is a very private affair. No one else ever knows the details, what it is like when you nurse them to sleep for nap, or hold your little one to your side as you read a story, learning together. What it's like when they make their first jokes, when they take delight in your laughter, repeating themselves, with a sparkle of glee in their eyes. When they get excited over the cutest simplest things like a Christmas noisemaker that would annoy any adult. How they surprise you with new words, quirky ways of saying things, funny requests, coming from the secret growing seeds of their ever personalities."

Beautiful words from Heather. If you are a mother and don't already read her blog, Moonshine Junkyard, I highly encourage you to. Her positive and joyful outlook on life and motherhood is always a source of inspiration.

♥ anne


  1. Awww thank you Anne. I could have said a lot more on that topic, I could write a book on it, any of us could. I will have to do another post fully devoted to the private act of mothering. xoxo

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