Easy Handmade Gift

Thanks to Pinterest, I've found yet another easy, adorable project- Hand Shaped Ring Dishes! Now this is a DIY for anyone, even someone who feels a bit craft challenged :)
I'm thinking they'd look good painted gold or I might have the kids paint them themselves for added specialness. I know Granny is going to love them regardless!
For complete instructions go here.

Have you made any gifts this year? Please share!

♥ anne

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  1. Those are so cute! I 'made' soaps, as in bought a huge block of glycerin soap, scents and colours and then melted, mixed and molded cute little shell and heart soaps. I also plan on doing a little embroidery and some calligraphy of poems and sweet words to frame for those I particularly cherish. We'll see if I actually do it all though :P


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