Patio progress


Last October the construction began on our complex. All the siding was replaced, new roofs, new paint and much more. The process was long (about 6 months to complete our building) and frustrating but was thankfully completed right before Maggie was born. It was SO badly needed! With the beach weather much of the wood was rotting, paint was coming off and overall the buildings looked really bad.

After the scaffolding finally came down I was so excited to get my patio back. As we started bringing things back out and putting them where they use to sit, Ruben and I looked at each other and both agreed that everything looked really shabby now. With the fresh wood and paint our furniture looked like total crap. Ruben insisted that we get rid of my peacock chair. I fought but had to agree that it was looking horrible. It sat by the trash for 2 months waiting to be thrown away. Last week I decided to do some minor repairs and paint it to just see if he'd be open to keeping it. As you can see I won him over :) The chairs to the right use to be in Ruben's old office at his previous job. His former boss called him and asked him if he was interested in keeping them so he did. They aren't what I would have picked if I was paying for something but hey! they were free so I can't complain. 

With the upgraded exterior came a new rule. We found out that we could not put any nails or screws into the new siding. Dumb association! Being the rebels that we are ;) we illegally hung the big macrame hanging but I know I'll have to take it down soon or be faced with fine. I figured there had to be a solution to the hanging problem and thankfully there was! I bought these 3M Damage free plastic hook thingys and rehung my lights this morning. They work great! Take that association! As for my flag, it got so sun bleached that it's basically a white rectangle now. I'll probably buy a new one to hang because it added a lot I think. 

I'm sure over the upcoming months I'll add more color and some new plants and it will feel done. But, for now I'm just happy to be able to use the space again. Now all we need is a new BBQ and we'll be ready to have some people over!

♥ anne


  1. It looks hot Anne! You have the knack! x

  2. This looks great. I totally want to drink a beer over there.

  3. I stared a long while at the before and after before reading your post. I didn't see any room for improvement in the first one and wondered why you changed it! Of course I see that it was necessary now after reading. Both setups looks very inviting and cozy. :) These summer nights have me so grateful to be in our first house.
    Your blog is always so lovely, Anne. Hope all is well!

  4. Such a cute little space.

    And I'm totally jealous of the gorgeous peacock chair.
    I've always wanted one. Same goes for the macrame plant-hanger.



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