Toddler style

Yesterday was a typical day for Marianne, complete with a few outfit changes. I find it interesting that girls just seem to be naturally interested in clothes, at least mine are. Where as my boys could care less about what they have on so long as it's comfortable.  Typically I get pretty irritated with her because she makes a huge mess in her drawers, but yesterday I couldn't get mad. When she came down the stairs in this getup all I could do was smile (and then make her pose for a picture).
Marianne is wearing- a vintage sweater, hand me down dress from Fern, thrifted gauze skirt (her favorite and it's often incorporated into her outfits and NEVER matches what she's wearing) and one black Vans shoe and a sparkly pink shoe.
There were some great things going in the back as well. The backwards dress and twisted sweater.
I like your style Marianne!

♥ anne


  1. hahahh! Love it. And, I think she pulls it off quite nicely. Gotta love the odd black shoe choice too.

  2. Oh man, I love her style <3 can she be my stylist? (also kriss kross!)

  3. She's cute, whoever said things had to match to be awesome? :)

  4. This is so great! You know, it's funny, my first and third boys never cared about clothing, but my middle guy is pretty particular and often comes down with the funniest things on. I like your style too, Marianne!


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