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Well, it's a new year friends! I'm glad to have a clean slate and a new beginning. I know a lot of people aren't fans of New Year's resolutions but I actually like them. I don't set unrealistic goals for myself but I do like to look over the areas in my life that I'd like to improve and set to work on bettering them. My main goal this year is greatly improve my spiritual life which has been on the decline for the last couple of years. I'd also love to be able to keep up on my laundry but with baby #5 on the way I'm already having my doubts :)

I have been living in this tube dress from Forever 21. I have a black one as well and they are perfect for this stage in my pregnancy. I rarely shop anywhere other than thrift stores but I was having a hard time finding basic pieces so these have worked out perfectly. It's funny, I would never wear this type of dress if I wasn't pregnant so it's a good thing that it will most likely been worn out by the time baby comes. Oh, and my sweet sweater! A surprise gift from Milla that I've been wearing almost daily. Isn't it a beaut?! Thanks again friend!

I hope your 2014 is off to good start!

♥ anne


  1. So far Anne my friend, I have been doing pretty much nil......and I'm happy bout that. Rockin maternity style as always. x oh and Happy New Years!

  2. You're welcome Mizz L. It really ties the look together. As for resolutions, while I am making a few myself this year, I actually for once prefer the hippie word "intentions". Or even goals. Resolutions to me are the things that people brake around February. I remember last year someone was joking about a gym that turns into a bar on February first. I'd so join that.

    Then again, you're totally right about aiming for what you think you can realistically achieve, often trumps dreaming big. I too will try to stay on top laundry and especially dishes and count to ten before I snap at my hub about stuff. Whether these goals are realistic...

    Love you, Happy Joyous New Year!

  3. The dress and the sweater and the ocean... and that beautiful belly! You look amazing, Anne. Thank you for sharing!

  4. You look beautiful! I did that same thing, I wore a stretchy black knit dress almost daily in the last trimester. It was the only thing that felt comfortable. Good luck in these last few months!


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