jennifer's walk

little did i know that when i picked this book up from the free recycle bin at the library that it would end up becoming an absolute favorite and quite a little treasure! Jennifer's Walk by Anne Carriere is a true gem. jennifer and teddy set out on a walk all by themselves. jennifer assures teddy that as long as they can see their house, they won't get lost. they pass the garden and the big spider web in the in the old stone wall. they run through the black-eyed susans and pass a curious woodchuck. they feed old arabelle the horse and run with the lambs making sure not to touch the purple thistles. they pass the old barn and go over the brook to jennifer's favorite place, "a cool little wood, where the trees grew in rows and the ground was soft with pine needles that looked pink in the sun and smelled very sweet." they sit quietly for some time taking it all in before the head back to mama.




Arthur Getz's illustrations are pure magic! shane and marianne especially love the picture that maps out jennifer's path. 
unfortunately, it seems this book is quite rare. there are only 3 copies on amazon and the cheapest one is $95!!!! this makes me sad because i feel every child should have a copy of this wonderful book. so, all you thrift mama's out there keep your eyes peeled for this one! it doesn't disappoint!

♥ anne


  1. Looks like such a pretty book, love the illustrations. Love that you found it at the free bin... many wonderful things found at free bins! Happy reading!

  2. Looks so cool!!! I love books. I think children's books are so fun!

  3. So sweet! I love 70s & 80s kidlet books!

  4. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, how is she growing up so fast!!!!! I thrift about half of my kids books, (vintage ones) and always marvel over how much more interesting the illustrations were, and then i feel sad, that the effort put into illustrating books is just lacking these days. Yum! M is so snuggable looking.

  5. what a special and darling book. i sure hope to find a copy for lucy one day! or maybe we'll just have to visit you and she and marianne can read it together :)


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