cinnamon girl

i have guest home tour post up on julie's awesome blog, Cinnamon Girl. make sure to check it out here and while you're there be sure to read about julie's magical farm life in maine. it's pretty darn dreamy! AND check out her quarterly magazine, Seasoned. needless to say she is an inspiring woman! thanks julie for inviting me to share some of my home with you and your readers :D



  1. I see some things I recognize;) I have one of those Missa Eye Of God pieces too!

  2. Honey honey, I see some things I recognise too! A veritable wall of love! I took the leap to Cinnamon Girl, and you are pretty freaking awesome at decorating a place Anne. I especially like your alter. And the little Madonna picture by your bed brings back memories of my own childhood room. Dude, i also have a wooden antelope/gazelle/springbok? Have you seen any others?

  3. love, love the tour - and this wall of little art keepsakes is my favorite. Your handmade jewelry branch is the best!

  4. LOVE it Anne. My fav is the wall of keepsakes too. I want those sunglasseshanging there ;) Feel free to throw them in our swap haha.

  5. Really really enjoyed this post at Cinnamon Girl! Maybe you've done this before, but I'd love to see a post on your photography. I love your sizing, your spacing... all of it! I'd love to hear more about your eye, equipment, etc.


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